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Frankos Labourers
Established 2019

Frankos Labourers

Whether it is a one-off furniture design for your home, fitted wardrobes, Frankos Labourers media unit or a full fit out joinery and interior design scheme, we care about what we do. We are obsessive about the materials we use and the way in which we handle them. Our team of experienced joiners are dedicated to ensuring that we achieve the best possible finish every time and we are happy to supply samples before putting full pieces into production. We always use the best quality timber in our work sourced from trusted suppliers.

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Frankos Labourers Design

We take time and consideration when looking at how to design. We work with our Interior Designer who is skilled at interpreting a client’s initial brief and developing it to create detailed design drawings. We can incorporate your furniture pieces within a fully designed scheme or supply as a one-off independent piece. In addition to working with our in-house designer, we are more than happy to work in partnership with external Interior designers, builders and architects. 

Every Space Counts
Every Space Counts

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Building Planning

Building plans are a graphical representation of what a building will look like after construction.

Renovating Space

You can renovate your house, office to look more beautiful and feel more comfortable.

Interior Space

Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space. It should begin with the function.

Real Estates

we treat every client project with the same level of care and attention ensuring a tailored and dedicated service

Small Offices

We will build every design that you imagine in affordable cost

Free Consultation

Our 24/7 support system is always their to help you with free consultation services